Friday, May 25, 2012

Nationals and Generals

Skirt (Challenge item #9)/Old Navy:: Tank top, necklace, bangles/Target:: Sandals/Kohls
This outfit was a surprising hit with the husband (Surprising, because I thought the skirt bordered on "Old LadyAttire"). Which is good because upon wearing this skirt, I discovered that it is probably the most comfortable skirt in the world.
This outfit, with my trusty jean jacket, went with me and J on an unexpected trip to the local bar to watch the Nationals game. I picked J up from work and off we went to drink beer, eat crab (seasoned) chips and watch the Nationals play a sad game against the Phillies. We blamed the pitcher (you know, because we could clearly do better than his attempts to get the ball over the base in strike formation) but our pitchers of beer kept us happy despite the poor showing by the Nationals. 
When the chips were no longer sufficient, the bartender suggested we order chinese. So we did. General Tso's and Curry Chicken arrived to the us, bellied up to the bar. It was glorious. Beer, chinese food and TV (we don't have one at home). We were even provided plates and utensils (our food came with none. Not even a pair of chopsticks!) by our friend behind the bar. And there we sat making all the patrons green with envy. 
A pretty good night, if you ask me. 

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