Wednesday, June 29, 2011

makeshift tripods, missed opportunities and leaving the belt behind

I have worn this dress several times so I'm surprised that it's the first time it has graced its presence on the old bloggie blog. I found it at a local consignment store and fell in love with the little pattern, sleeves and wearability. I've worn it dressed up and dressed down. I didn't want to miss the opportunity again to show off the versatile little lady (the dress, that is!)
I usually wear this dress with a belt but for this wear, I opted to go belt-less. I'm glad I did . I actually like it more sans belt. Not having the belt allows the dress to sit properly and do it own thing.
These pictures were, once again, taken at my friend's place where I am housesitting. I did not have my tripod or my fiance to snap the photo so I had to make due. The pictures were originally lopsided but, thanks to photoshop, I was able to (mostly) fix them.

shoes: DSW
Also wanted to include of photo of Chloe, the reason I am housesitting for her. Chloe used to be my cat but when J and I started dating, we quickly found out how allergic to Chloe he was. Right around this time my friend had expressed her desire to adopt a cat. So my friend kept Chloe and I kept J. I think it was a fair trade. It has been nice spending a little time with the Chloe-ster. I have never met a cat who wants to so petted and loved by her humans as much as Cloe.
This weekend J and are heading to the Twin Cities. I LOVE the Twin Cities, especially in the summer. So much to do and so many thrift stores (!!!) I lived there for a year as an AmeriCorps volunteer so I learned to love the city on the cheap. I can't wait to explore the city again after being away so long.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

wedding plans, house-sitting and haircuts

This will be a quick post. It's hard to post after such a momentous occasion. But J and I have hit the ground running with wedding plans and have actually nailed down a date, made a preliminary list, found a place for the ceremony and reception and have a couple who have offered to cook for our wedding. I have been sleeping like a baby at night, knowing these details are taken care of.
For the next few weeks, I will be house/cat sitting for a friend of mine. This lady is probably one of the classiest women I know. I love what she has done with her place (she didn't have much to work with, it's a tiny little cottage on the campus of the boarding school where we work/live). I decided to try out pictures in her place and was happy with the results.
Also got my haircut. I love it. I was going to do an inverted bob, but since I have been growing my hair out for a long time, my wonderful hairstylist said this was a better alternative. Love me some bangs!!
tank: swapped
skirt: thrifted
wedges: DSW
scarf: c/o my mom :)

Interestesd in how (and why) we plan to do our wedding on the cheap? Check out J's blog here !

Friday, June 24, 2011

A Golf Cart, Picnic basket, and Vineyards.. oh and one VERY special ring

I can't believe it has taken me a WEEK to write about the most exciting news of my life. But here it is....
Words cannot describe my excitement about being married to J. If our wonderful relationship and J's amazing proposal are any indication of what is to come, I consider myself a pretty lucky gal.

So the all started with a picnic basket...
Actually it started with an electric golf cart J's father purchased earlier this spring. If the zombiepocalyopse comes, J's family will be ready.

J had asked earlier that day if we could have a little picnic when we arrived at his parents house. He specifically wanted to have a picnic up on the hill near the family grape vines. And while we were at it, why not take some outfit photos? Impressed with my man's creativity and interest in my little blogobby (that's blog hobby in case you didn't catch that) I agreed enthusiastically. Little did I know that it was all a shiny secret scheme to propose!

Since words cannot really describe the event I am including a photo series (with a few captions) to capture the entire proposal...
Electric golf cart packed for the picnic
climbing through the cow pasture to get to the picnic spot
Our only witness of the event
Outfit photos. I'm blissfully unaware that J is frantically trying to get the ring out of the picnic basket. He told me to turn around and walk away from him. Now I know why :)
playing the remote on my camera, oblivious to what's to come!
As I curled up to J watching the sunset he surprised me with the proposal! I, of course, said yes!!
J had a difficult time getting the ring on my finger because I was flailing and squealing so much.
The night ended magically with bottle rocks and bon fire with his family.
It was a beautiful proposal and I am thrilled to have the chance to spend my life with this wonderful man.

Belt: borrowed from mom
Necklace/bangles: Forever 21
Earrings: Target
Engagement ring: From J!!!
Sandals: Kohls (?)

Any wedding advice for J and me?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Teacher (Institute) Threads and flaming towels

As I mentioned in the previous post, this week I have been working as a facilitator/assistant for a global education teaching institute. I love summer because it allows me the opportunity to be involved with institutes like this one and meet teachers and share experiences and teaching methods. It's basically like summer camp for teachers.
This outfit was from Wednesday. I wanted to wear something that was comfortable but professional, with a hint of summer. I also wanted to show off one of the new necklaces I purchased in Madison last weekend. The outfit is nothing fancy but I still felt put together. I also love the flattering shape of the skirt paired with this top.

The pictures were taken in J's apartment. You will notice a red towel hanging from the stove. Funny story about this red towel and an early indication to J that I am not to be left alone in the kitchen. We were cooking together one time and J needed me to grab something from the oven that was baking. I hesitantly said yes, knowing my uneasiness when it comes to ovens. I grabbed the red towel to help me remove the item and within seconds it was on fire. A normal reaction would to be put out the flame. My reaction was just to stare at it in awe. J turns around to see this scene equally confused and terrified. The flame was extinguished (by J) and, needless to say, I was not allowed by the oven again.

necklace: thrifted
t-shirt: Old Navy
Skirt: thrifted
Flats: Target

Yellow Shoes, squeaky cheese and frog umbrellas

It is pretty terrible that it is Thursday and I am just writing about the wonderful weekend J and I had. But Monday -Wednesday I was facilitating a teaching institute so the blog post had to wait.


J and I drove to Madison to visit his dear friend Alyssa and her husband Kyle. Let me just start by saying that the weekend was sooo fun from start to finish. It started with J taking a practice bar exam in the car while I drove. He quizzed me on some of his evidence practice questions (which I knew nothing about). I have come to the conclusion that when it comes evidence, it's all about hearsay.


When we arrived in Madison, A and K took us downtown for drinks. We went to a bar that had a great outdoor patio. The patio seating gave us the unique opportunity to watch an impromptu dance from a lady with a frog umbrella. Think cabaret with a little charleston thrown in. Her antics had us all in stitches.
Saturday morning we got up and headed to the Farmer's Market. Madison Farmer's Market is quite an event. The vendors surround the capital and everyone walks in one direction as they search for the best mint, asparagus, meats and cheese. J and I were looking for a very specific cheese - squeaky cheese!

yellow shoes!

The afternoon was spent on State Street partaking in a little shopping. I found a few things but the best purchase of the day was J's yellow shoes from UO.


My favorite part of the weekend had to be beating the boys in Shuffleboard. I mean, A and I beat them good. J found out what a bad loser (and winner) I am.
On t0 the outfit (for Saturday)


The weather was cooler than it has been. For dinner, I threw on a top that I love for its feel and ease of wear. This jacket has been a great light layer all summer. It helps that the color goes with everything. The scarf was purchased at UO early that day. LOVE the color. Funny that A, J and I all bought items in the yellow family


Scarf: UO
Jacket: The Loft
Top: Express
Skinny jeans: Old Navy
Flats: Target
Purse: H&M

I will try to write about the rest of the weekend in another post. Hope you are enjoying the day! I leave with a photo of J doing a little parkour before dinner on Saturday.


Monday, June 6, 2011

Zip Ties, ArtsFest and Parental Bonding

This weekend was filled with tasks completed, good food eaten and good people meeting. Saturday, J and I went around town looking for a cheap basket for my bike and road tires. After transferring my tires and attaching my new basket to my bike in true DIY fashion (with green zip ties, of course!) we went for a quick ride before my parents arrived in town to take us out to a delicious dinner to celebrate J's graduation from Law School. Perfection of food aside, it was great to visit with my parents who adore J almost as much as I do.

J and I Sunday Morning waiting for his parents to arrive.

The next morning we got up and went to a quick breakfast after which we sauntered around ArtsFest, a festival that happens every year that involves street art vendors, music, foods and general happy summer times festivities.
My baby's hot

Thanks for taking photos, J!

We did this as we waited for J's parents to arrive in town for the all-important "Parental Meeting". From the moments J and I met each other's parents, we felt a striking sense of ease around them. We attributed this to the fact that our parents are quite similar. Though we were hoping from some awkward exchanges, we were disappointed. Our parents quickly bonded over a meal of burgers at the BEST burger place in town. After the meal and parental bonding, we parted ways with my parents and continued exploring ArtsFest with J's parents.
like father, like son

After some street drumming, drinks in the shade and dancing on a music stage for $20 (c/o J's Dad) we were ready to call it a day. And what a wonderful day it was!
yep, this happened

Knowing it was going to be hot and humid, I opted for a cute easy, breezy ensemble that helped enjoy the day in style.
Tank Top: Express
Skirt: Swapped (five years ago)
flats: Target
Earrings: gift (and made) by J's sister
Necklace: DIY from set of earrings (lost one = necklace)
Sunglasses: Thrifted

Hope you had a happy SUNday!
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