Friday, March 9, 2012

Shedding layers

black skinny's, teel tank, floral top/Target::shoes/Payless::cardigan/OldNavy::Scarf/F21
A pretty casual outfit. The weather was absolutely perfect yesterday and this outfit was worn happily without any sort of outer layer. My feet, on the other hand, were not as ready to part with the out the protective comfort of socks or tights. Blisters abounded in these oh so adorable (but not made for actual movement) shoes.
Today J and I are heading into the city to the Hirshhorn to see this exhibit. It had us both at Suprasensorial...

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Apples and Triangles

Top, Jeans/Old Navy:: Moto Sweater/ Target::Scarf/Anthropologie:: Boots/Thrifted:: Belt/F21
For some time now, I have tried to figure out what "body shape" I am. I have narrowed it down to an apple or an inverted triangle. Both of these "shapes" describe women who carry much of their weight in their shoulder, chest and tummy and tend to have smaller legs (minus my bottom) than their top half. All of these are true for me. My ankles are freakishly small compared to the rest of my body.
Upon discovering what, I think, may be my body type, I have then began the search for what looks best on my body. This has been a fun little experiment. And I believe the fact that I document my outfits allows me to actually see what really does look best, rather than relying on the mirror (that for some reason always skim a few pounds here and there...).
This outfit is one of those experiments. While my body type is usually discouraged from wearing skinny jeans, the inclusion of the (I'm going to say it FABULOUS) boots help even out the proportions. Though billowy tops are usually discouraged as well (they make you look bigger) the inclusion of the belt both reins in the top and defines a waist (all things you should do when you have a semi-undefined waist). Finally, the sweater and scarf create interest and bring the eye up above problem areas like the tum-tum.
The result? A look I love. I felt so incredibly comfortable and put together in this outfit.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


sweater/H&M:: Jeans/Thrifted (Gap label):: Necklace/ModCloth:: Scarf/Target:: shoes/Ellen Tracy (via DSW)
I've seen it all over the internet. The backward sweater. My particular favorite has been this beautiful blogger. So I thought I'd try it.
Not bad. Don't love what it does to me backside. Maybe a short sweater next time.

Friday, March 2, 2012

To Velma, with love

I have worn a variation of this several times. As someone who could pretty much sweat standing still, I love this sweater for its short sleeve and free flowing goodness. Oh, and I love the color.
sweater/Kohls:: jeans/Old Navy:: boots/thrifted
When I wear this sweater while wearing my glasses I am a dead-ringer for Velma from Scooby Doo. You know you married the right guy when he not only points this out to you but is thrilled by this discovery.
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