Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sink me, your tailors has betrayed you

I just watched The Scarlett Pimpernel last night so the dialogue is on my mind. This movie is a great example of not judging a (movie but it's also a book) by its cover. I was a bit skeptical when J brought it from his parents' house. But I gave in, watched it, and LOVED IT. Oh the history and the overdramatic acting and the clothes and Percy! His voice kills me.
This has nothing to do with the outfit of this post so I should get on with it.
A pretty basic outfit. I love the way this shirt drapes. The shoes are new and extremely comfortable.
Since the weather was all over the place I topped off the ensemble with this little jacket that is turning into a quick favorite.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


There is so much to celebrate.
As of Friday morning, I completed my last final of the semester and by 2 pm on that same day, J graduated from Law School. It was so exciting to watch him graduate but it was also exciting to know that, for the first time in 4 months, we had a weekend of no schoolwork and obligations. Wahoo!
This outfit was worn to a dinner party held by two of J's professors who he worked closely with over that last three years. It was a wonderful dinner and was really nice to meet these two professors I had heard so much about.


With the little bit of light left that evening we took my first outdoor outfit photos. I now see why so many bloggers take outdoor photos. They come out so pretty! Kudos to J for taking such lovely shots. Maybe I can con him into taking more!
What have you celebrated, lately?

blouse: Old Navy
skirt: Express
blue flats: Target
Earrings: Forever 21

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Impish threads

This week has been a beast of studying and paper writing. It was also 84 degrees yesterday. Not (literally and figuratively) cool.
Between history papers and humidity, I opted for this little get-up. For some reason, the combo of cut-off jean shorts, boat shoes and shirt dress left me in an impish sort of mood. Wearing this outfit made me feel a little bit like a kid again. Maybe I was feeling a bit nostalgic about days before...well...adulthood.
Being in school, however, actually makes me feels a little bit like I'm in limbo between between the "real world"(adulthood) and the "world of play"(childhood). While I have been teaching full time all year, my teaching courses have now ended, so for the last few weeks I have mostly been just a graduate student. And while it would be easy to complain that life is SO HARD, in reality, writing papers and taking finals seems a lot easier than the work I would be doing if I wasn't in school. In a strange way, I find myself immensely appreciative to even have the opportunity to pursue graduate education knowing that are a lot of less interesting ways I could be spending my time, even if it means several arduous papers and two finals (one that is tomorrow at 7:30am...BOOO!)

Anyone else grueling through finals?

yellow tank top: swapped
red shirt dress: thrifted (?)
cut-offs: made by me
boat shoes: Payless
necklace: Revival boutique
belt: target

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Things I miss...

1. This guy
After finishing up his last semester in law school (congrats, love! I'm so proud of you!!) J took a long, much needed trip back home. I would have joined him had the four papers and two finals not been in my way. I feel like a 5"9 pine tree. He comes back tomorrow and I can't wait to see him!

2. This season

Um...I think we have missed each other, like two ships in the night. I would like you to return. Even in just for a few days. Going from cold, rainy and 45 degrees to hot, sweaty, humid and 80 is a little too drastic for my liking.

3. This little lady

In light of my upcoming moves, I have made the hard decision to re-home my beautiful 9 year old cocker spaniel named Maddie. I was extremely lucky to find a wonderful new home for with a family that I know will take great care of her. That said, I have had many moments of sadness being home and her not being here. It will get easier, I know.

4. This feeling of relaxation
William Worcester Churchill (1858 – 1926) Leisure

With all the grading, papers and finals, it has not left me much time to relax. Though I will still be taking classes this summer, it will be nowhere near the marathon I put myself through this semester. I am looking forward to that.

Anything you miss?

Sunday, May 8, 2011's been awhile

But I do have an excuse. Actually, it has been a mix of busyness and laziness. We'll call it lazbusness. Yes, I quite like that.
I needed to post because I was TIRED of looking at the last post. BAAAD hair. Better hair with this post.
With the weather turning nicer I am happy to pull out some of last spring's pieces. I have a sort of love/hate relationship with this skirt. I'm giving it one more spring/summer. I have to say it feels a little full for my liking and a little short as well. Can only wear it on windless days (and there are so few of those in Iowa.)
I have spent quite a bit of time recently purging my closest of things I don't wear, shouldn't wear or don't fit. I emptied almost an entire drawer of t-shirts. That felt good.
The Necklace is a bird cage. So cute! Definitely one of my favorite pieces.
Tee-shirt: OldNavy
Skirt: Thrifted
Belt: Target
Boots: DSW
Necklace: Revival Boutique

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