Monday, May 14, 2012

A Monday Mid-May Challenge

After a slightly disastrous shopping trip (ie: buying several items except the items I really needed) and a need to boost my blogging and closet morale, I have decided to partake in a little sartorial challenge, created by yours, truly. It should not be difficult, but seems necessary in order to ensure my clothes - ALL my clothes - are getting some wear. 

This past week (after returning most of the items) I did a clothing inventory. I discovered that, while I am pretty good at giving every item in my wardrobe a chance to shine, there were a few items that were not getting much love. Some items suffered from being purchased in the wrong season, others were simply passed up for items I know work well. So I grabbed these items, snap pictures of them and have now challenged myself to wear all of these items for the rest of the month. 

Here are the items:

 1: Brown Sleeveless Dress (Target)  2: Teal Short-sleeve Dress (Target)
 3. White Billowy Top (Target)  4: Tunic/Dress (Thrifted-org. Charlotte Russe)
 5. Button-up Shirt (Old Navy)    6. Striped Blazer (Thrifted)
7. White Shorts (Thrifted)    8. Blue midi skirt (Thrifted)   9. Floral midi skirt (old navy)

Here my (very) simple rules:

1. For the rest of May, I must wear one of these items everyday.
2. I can mix these items with each other.
3. I can mix them with other items in my closet. 

Seems silly to even call this a challenge after some of the other clothing challenges I've done. But I think this will be a nice way to make sure all my items get loved equally...

Stay tuned!!

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