Thursday, April 14, 2011

Oh my god, shoes.

Have you ever seen this video? I absolutely LOVED this video when it came out a couple of years ago. Recently, I have sort of felt like Kelly in the video. I have been really into shoes and slightly awed by all the possibilities out there. But I am also recently trying very hard to not spend excessive amounts of money. But then boots like these come along, and they are on sale, BIG sale, and well, they became part of my shoe family.
I have been trying to incorporate more heels in my shoe family. Heels that I will actually wear. I actually have several pair of heels but it always feels slightly daunting to wear them, knowing the risk of a public tumble (heels still feel like stilts to me). To avoid this problem, I attempt to look for "stable" heels. These boots are just that: stable. Stable and now a staple in my wardrobe.

Speaking of staples...This dress is a long time staple and this sweater is an emerging one. I can't say enough about this little dress. Pattern, colors, pockets and weight all make it one of my fav's.
dress: Kohls
belt: Mom
shoes: DSW

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Must Love Bikes

It's biking weather and I am gleeful with this realization. Also gleeful about the bike I have hijacked from my mother...and the fact that it is pink. Actually, this part I don't really like but it's growing on me. It's more of a reddish pink, anyway.
Since I'm now biking (with J) to classes, my sartorial options have to adapt accordingly. This outfit was bike-easy, and cute to boot.
Please ignore the uneven leggings. Hey, it happens, right?

This outfit was one from last week. I have to say, this probably is one of my favorite outfits I have put together. I think you can tell by my impish grins in the pictures.
These shorts are just too cute and so comfortable. I was also proud of myself for fixing the always annoying "I am not a man and actually have breasts" button-up shirt gaping problem by putting a piece of double-sided tape in between the buttons. I know, I'm brilliant.
Any annoying sartorial problems you have quick fixes for?

For the love of dressing

Another quick post. I think until my schedule lets up, most of these posts will be short.




OHMYGODILOVETHISDRESS! I thrifted this dress years ago, have had it hemmed twice and now that the weather is getting nicer (very light fabric) this baby will be coming out to play a lot more. It has itty bitty polka dots all over it, which given the dress a touch of interest and the collar has little tie strings that hang down. In the morning, I wore the dress with a sweater and scarf but as the day wore on (ha!) I shed my layers and let it stand alone. Which it did a great job, if I do say so myself. Much later in the day, I swapped the boots for little red flats.

Sidenote: Hair.getting.long. I always have this urge in the spring to opt for a shorter cut. My hair has just been feeling alittle flat-ski, lately.

Do you ever get the spring urge to chop?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A quick post

Not much to say. But a quick look at an outfit I liked quite a lot.



Hope you are having a great Tuesday!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Professor RaHow

Several of my students thought I looked like a professor today. They clearly have not gone to college because if they did they would know that most professors do not dress like this (There are wonderful exceptions to this out there) . Maybe it's the glasses (the result of wearing my contacts too much) or the shoes (aren't they cuuute?!) that they felt I had entered "professor" territory. I took it as a compliment because, in high school talk, looking like "a professor" translates to looking like "an adult". And, like I have said before, any time I can look more like an adult, the better.
I know what you are thinking. You LOVE this scarf. I do, too. The boyfriend has great taste. This was one of my birthday gifts. Something I love very much about him is his impeccable gift giving skills. He takes great time and care selecting items that are meaningful. What a guy, right? Early in our relationship, we were away from each other for a weekend and, without prompting, we separately went to thrift store and got little somethings for each other. That has been a real mark of our relationship, since.

What was a meaningful gift someone gave you, recently?
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