Friday, June 1, 2012

An Easy Ending

Shorts (challenge item #7) Thrifted:: Top/ Old Navy:: Scarf/Gift from J:: Sandals/Kohls:: Bangles/Target. F21
This is my last outfit from the challenge. I actually wore these short a few times undocumented. I can't believe how much I ended up loving them!

This is one of my favorite scarves. I feel a little bad saying this because when you have so many scarves that it hard to say this is really your favorite. But it is. J is the best gift-giver and he gave me this beautiful scarf for my birthday last year. This should automatically make me bias toward this scarf but I have other reasons, too. This scarf has all of my favorite colors strategically arranged making this scarf combine perfectly with just about every piece in my wardrobe. It is also very light weight, making it a great multi-seasonal piece. And for the girl who would wear scarfs all year round, this makes it a big winner.

The bangles. They're back in a big way. For whatever reason, I equate bangles with summer, which seems slightly odd seeing how, depending on the bangle can feel bulky. But I don't care. Love me some bangles. I would also like to note that I was not lying about the sparkly shorts. 

Well, that wraps up The Challenge outfits. A recap is coming up!

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