Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Comedy of errors

This day was a comedy of errors. I was running late for a lunch date with a friend from my graduate program. It is, without fail, on these mornings that I am incapable of finding something to wear. I finally pull out this outfit, feel pretty good about it and then dash out the door. Everything would have been fine had the following not occurred.
1. Rain (the cold, unpleasant kind)
2. The Windows down in my car
3. Wind (the turn-umbrella-inside-out kind)
The rain made me uncomfortable. The wet seats made me uncomfortable. And the wind made me really uncomfortable (I am not Marilyn Monroe. People do not want to see that!). I never did meet my friend for lunch because, as it turns out, she was running late, too. In what a definite "Case of the Mondays" kind of day.
This outfit, on any other day, would have been a great outfit.

Dress: Thrifted
Scarf: F21
Sweater: ON
tights: Target
Earrings: F21

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