Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Favorite

Dress, sandals/Kohls:: Necklace, belt/Target:: Earrings/Gift from Mom-in-law

This is hands down my favorite dress. I wear it all year long and have featured it several times on my blog. As the weather escalates to more and more uncomfortable degrees, this dress helps me keep my cool.

I have had this belt for a long time but have rarely worn it. Something about its massive size and semi-tribalness has made me shy away from it in the past. Not today. I figured that combined with the print of this dress, it may actually look tame. I couldn't have been happier with it.

In other news, I had the disturbing discovery that my charger for my MacBook officially bit the dust. Sad. Then I discovered how much it was to replace it. Anger. But then I found a floppy hat for our upcoming beach weekend with friends. Joy. That's a lot of emotions in one day.

My blog's catalogue of this dress:


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Polka dots and Mussels

Top/Old Navy:: Skirt/Thrifted:: Wedge Sandals/DSW:: Necklace/Gift
It is official. I love this skirt. I found it a few weeks back at Goodwill. I honestly couldn't believe my luck that the following occurred:
1. It fit, beautifully
2. It had no stains or horrible tears etc. In fact, it was in immaculate condition
3. It was three dollars. 
After some frustrating thrifting attempts, I was so happy to bring this gem home. J and I are going back to Iowa for ten days and this skirt will definitely be coming with us. 
I wore this outfit to run errands, work on school prep and meet J for drinks and mussels at a local mussel bar. We were celebrating J's a pro bono case he had been working on for the last couple of weeks that was finally settled. I was so proud of J for working so hard on the case and creating a very favorable outcome for his client. Good job, J!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pedi's in the Rain

Dress, Belt/Thrifted:: Wedge Sandals/Target:: Necklace/Swapped
Wore this dress to meet up with a friend to get much needed pedicures. When I say needed, I don't mean needed in the sense that I get them weekly. I just mean with the beginning of summer and the more regular wearing of sandals, I like to get one pedicure and just hope it last for the remainder of the season. It never does, but I always hope it will. I even get the pedicure in a color I have at home, for easy touch ups. 
The minute the pedi's were done, the torrential downpour began. It was a soppy walk with J from the metro to the car. Good thing I took photos before I went out!
 The one drawback with the pedicure is the way it softens my feet. All that exfoliating leaves my feet silky smooth - and perfect targets for blisters. On Saturday night, J and I went to the Roundhouse Theatre to see Double Indemnity. The play was wonderful, the evening was perfect - except for the rather large blisters I acquired on my pinky toes from my heeled loafers. Should have stuck with sandals...

Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Challenge Wrap-up

Well May is over and I was (mostly) successful in wearing all the items from The Challenge. The only thing I did not wear was item #5. When I started the challenge, I did not realize it would become blazing hot on the East Coast. Once the blaze of summer began, the thought of putting on the long sleeve shirt was out of the question. At least with the jacket, I could take it off!

So, not bad if you ask me. And the verdict on the items? Lets see them in review, shall we?

(Loved these dresses! Will wear them often this summer and fall)

 (Shirt on the left did not make the cut)

 (I didn't wear the shirt on the left but I did wear the jacket twice!)

(Still on the fence about the the blue skirt but the other two are definite keepers!)


 I had a lot of fun doing this (self-imposed) challenge. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the shear amount of clothes I own that it was nice the narrow down the morning (or sometimes afternoon) search for an outfit. I am really thinking about doing another one of these dealing with accessories!

Friday, June 1, 2012

An Easy Ending

Shorts (challenge item #7) Thrifted:: Top/ Old Navy:: Scarf/Gift from J:: Sandals/Kohls:: Bangles/Target. F21
This is my last outfit from the challenge. I actually wore these short a few times undocumented. I can't believe how much I ended up loving them!

This is one of my favorite scarves. I feel a little bad saying this because when you have so many scarves that it hard to say this is really your favorite. But it is. J is the best gift-giver and he gave me this beautiful scarf for my birthday last year. This should automatically make me bias toward this scarf but I have other reasons, too. This scarf has all of my favorite colors strategically arranged making this scarf combine perfectly with just about every piece in my wardrobe. It is also very light weight, making it a great multi-seasonal piece. And for the girl who would wear scarfs all year round, this makes it a big winner.

The bangles. They're back in a big way. For whatever reason, I equate bangles with summer, which seems slightly odd seeing how, depending on the bangle can feel bulky. But I don't care. Love me some bangles. I would also like to note that I was not lying about the sparkly shorts. 

Well, that wraps up The Challenge outfits. A recap is coming up!

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