Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Birthdays, jobs, and visits

Oh man, I blew it. The month of March has come and gone. But it was not without some wonderfulness. My birthday was on the 15th and it was really nice. Very low key, but nice. J cooked me a wonderful dinner followed dancing in our kitchen to music from our wedding.
I wore this outfit on my birthday. This dress has great memories attached to it and I even though it is not a very fancy dress but it has become the dress I wear on special days. It was also 80 degrees in the middle of March, which was special in itself.
March has been a busy (and successful!) month on the job front. I interviewed for a few positions and was hired by a great school! To celebrate, J and I went out to dinner to a place that was definitely an experience. If any of you live in the DC area and have something to celebrate (or a lot of money saved!) I would highly recommend Restaurant Eve. Nine courses later, we were still marveling all the wonderful food we ate. We must have been the most entertaining guests because we couldn't stop verbalizing our utter shock of just how good everything was.
This is a picture of J and I before the meal. Can you tell we were excited?! I'm actually wearing a dress I have had since high school (eek!) with black wrap over it. Big mistake of the night was wearing shoes I have never walk more that 300 feet in. J, of course, looked so handsome in his blue suit. The man can wear a suit well.

We had the pleasure of hosting J's parents this weekend. Food, kites, walks around DC and sitting in the sun chatting made the weekend great. They kept saying what a nice life we have here. We couldn't agree more!
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