Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Simple Fix

 Top (Challenge item# 4) Thrifted (Charlotte Russe Brand):: Necklace/Swapped:: Rockstar Jeggings/ Old Navy:: Wedge Sandals:: Moto Sweater/Target
I liked this outfit. Although not the most practical outfit in the world, it was fun to wear an unexpected piece for an average day of “facilitating”. I’m pretty Charlotte Russe would consider this item of theirs a dress but, on me, it is definitely a top. I think this item was also meant for someone with a flat chest as the elastic band where they considered the waist to be was a little too close to the ladies. 
It was an easy fix. I simply removed the elastic gathering at the “waist” to have more control over where the waist should be. Normally, I would belt this top (it came with one) but on this particular day, I didn’t feel like have anything clinging to my body. So I let it go. (Sorry Stacey and Clinton!) 
I quite liked it this way, as it allowed the top to feel more casual for a day of running errands and teaching prep (lots of reading) for the fall. 
The major problem I had with this top was how much it made me perspire. But now that I know it is easy to layer, I might hold off and wear it more in the cooler months. I might give it a whirl with shorts next week. Since I don’t have many tops in this challenge, I will probably have to wear it again.
What do you think? With shorts? As just a top with a skirt? 

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