Friday, May 25, 2012

Nationals and Generals

Skirt (Challenge item #9)/Old Navy:: Tank top, necklace, bangles/Target:: Sandals/Kohls
This outfit was a surprising hit with the husband (Surprising, because I thought the skirt bordered on "Old LadyAttire"). Which is good because upon wearing this skirt, I discovered that it is probably the most comfortable skirt in the world.
This outfit, with my trusty jean jacket, went with me and J on an unexpected trip to the local bar to watch the Nationals game. I picked J up from work and off we went to drink beer, eat crab (seasoned) chips and watch the Nationals play a sad game against the Phillies. We blamed the pitcher (you know, because we could clearly do better than his attempts to get the ball over the base in strike formation) but our pitchers of beer kept us happy despite the poor showing by the Nationals. 
When the chips were no longer sufficient, the bartender suggested we order chinese. So we did. General Tso's and Curry Chicken arrived to the us, bellied up to the bar. It was glorious. Beer, chinese food and TV (we don't have one at home). We were even provided plates and utensils (our food came with none. Not even a pair of chopsticks!) by our friend behind the bar. And there we sat making all the patrons green with envy. 
A pretty good night, if you ask me. 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sunday Best

Dress: (Challenge item # 2) and belt/Target:: Heeled Loafers/DSW
Wore this to church on Sunday. Actually, I wore this to church two Sundays ago. This Sunday was spent at the office with J. He had a project to finish and instead of staying home, I just hopped on the metro and went in with him. I love going in to work with J. I love being in his office and watching him work away on his two computer screens. I was definitely not as productive as he was. While he was typing up a report, I took a nap, wrote some blog posts and ate snacks. If you are now imagining "Take Your Daughter to Work Day" you would have an accurate image of the day. I was about three minutes away from doodling pictures and running around the halls playing hide and seek in the empty offices. 
I have fond memories of this "holiday". My dad took me to work several times when I was little. He worked at a bank in downtown Chicago. I loved riding the Metra with him and being in the Big City. One year, the bank put on an actual event for the kiddos. My memory is a bit fuzzy but I'm pretty sure they had the kids learn about occupations like interior design, you know, something really practical. (It is no wonder that kids who grew up in the 90's believe that they could do anything...Interior Design? Really?) After that visit, my dollhouse was never the same. It became my "work" because, of course, after hearing a lady talk about interior design for half an hour, I believed I was destined to be an interior designer. I had it in my head that if I could practice designing my dollhouse, I would soon be discovered and my career would take off at the ripe old age of 13. 
Obviously, this dream did not pan out. If you saw the last three places I've lived, you would know why. I actually have little to no ability to design spaces. And keeping those spaces clean and organized is a whole other matter. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Simple Fix

 Top (Challenge item# 4) Thrifted (Charlotte Russe Brand):: Necklace/Swapped:: Rockstar Jeggings/ Old Navy:: Wedge Sandals:: Moto Sweater/Target
I liked this outfit. Although not the most practical outfit in the world, it was fun to wear an unexpected piece for an average day of “facilitating”. I’m pretty Charlotte Russe would consider this item of theirs a dress but, on me, it is definitely a top. I think this item was also meant for someone with a flat chest as the elastic band where they considered the waist to be was a little too close to the ladies. 
It was an easy fix. I simply removed the elastic gathering at the “waist” to have more control over where the waist should be. Normally, I would belt this top (it came with one) but on this particular day, I didn’t feel like have anything clinging to my body. So I let it go. (Sorry Stacey and Clinton!) 
I quite liked it this way, as it allowed the top to feel more casual for a day of running errands and teaching prep (lots of reading) for the fall. 
The major problem I had with this top was how much it made me perspire. But now that I know it is easy to layer, I might hold off and wear it more in the cooler months. I might give it a whirl with shorts next week. Since I don’t have many tops in this challenge, I will probably have to wear it again.
What do you think? With shorts? As just a top with a skirt? 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Summer of Arms

Dress (Challenge item #1), belt/Target:: Necklace/Swapped:: Sandals/DSW
I have declared this summer the “Summer of Arms”. No, I will not be taking up arms but, rather, embracing the exposure of my arms to the world. If there were one area of my body I would gladly cover with clothing all the time it would be my arms. 
From shoulder to wrist, I find my arms to bit of a problem. They flub, they blub and thanks to a lovely condition called Rosacea they are red and blotchy most of the time. My love for the colder months is very practical. Colder months = layers and that means covered arms. So it no surprise to those who are close to me that I dread the warmer months because of their forced removal of my protective sartorial layers.
Since J and I have moved to the east coast, an area known for some seriously oppressive summer weather, I decided that I have no choice but to embrace the inevitable and bear a little arm. And since no place in DC is without AC I can still bring that security-blanket/cardigan to cover up when out of the heat zone.
This dress is my declaration of the “Summer of Arms”. Right off the bat, I received a boost of confidence when J told me how nice I looked and how much he liked the dress. Boost of confidence from my love? I’ll take it!
This dress was purchased last fall (on super sale). After some minor fixes (taking out the unnecessary elastic waistband and taking in the area under the arms, I can say with confidence that I will be wearing this dress for many days to come. It is so comfortable, almost like wearing pajamas as a dress and is the perfect blanket pallet to remix accessories with. 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Sticking with it

Jacket (Challenge item #6):: Top/Old Navy:: Jeans, Necklace/Thrifted:: Sandals/Kohls:: Purse/H&M

The jacket scores again! I completely loved this outfit. I met J for drinks after work on Friday before hanging out with friends. I felt completely comfortable (no body temp panics) and totally put together downtown with a sea of suits, slacks and swagger. This top is so breezy and the coral color gives pop without being obnoxious. Coupled with my favorite bird cage necklace, I think safe to say that this has been one my favorite outfits as of late.

I don’t show many outfits photos with purses for one pretty simple reason. This is pretty much the only purse I ever use. Ever. It doesn’t matter if it goes with what I’m wearing or not (although it usually does). I have never been much a purse girl so when I find one I like, I stick with it.

 Lately, I have been on the hunt for a clutch. But my hunt seems a bit fruitless. Where am I going to find a clutch that fits all my essentials?(oversized wallet, makeup bag that I barely use but want to keep with me, small notebook, snacks, brush, 1,294 pens, change, gum, mints, smart trip card, lotion, sunglasses, receipts, keys oh and my laptop and charger oh and sometimes J’s items, too) If I may say, that would be one clutch clutch. 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Try it. Trade it

Top (Challenge item #4):: Tank top/Target:: Jeans, necklace/Thrifted:: Sandals/DSW

Ugh, this top. There is a reason I have avoided wearing this shirt. Let me start by saying that I bought it with good intentions. As I have mentioned before, the mantra of “defined waistline” follows me through out the day. I’m not sure if it is brought on my an irrational fear of running into Stacey and Clinton and them putting me directly in the 360 mirror but in case it is with me like white on rice. So when I find shirts that provide that defined waist while also being ideal for warm weather months, I get pretty excited. This top fit that description and was on super sale, so I tried it on, imagined it's wearability with pants, skirts, shorts and happily bought it confident of (or, at least envisioning) the many wears it would get in the spring/summer months.

And then wear-reality sets in with its awkward drape and the strange v-shaped, billowy “sleeve”. And even my go-to solution of “just add a layer” doesn’t work because when you throw a cardigan over this top, the drapey sleeve being even more awkward under the sweater. Even tucked in, this top still makes me feel even more awkward than I already am.

So this top is definitely going in the consignment pile. I did my duty. I wore the top. And now I can safely say I will never be wearing it again.

In light of this, I am adding a rule to my challenge:

4. Once I’ve worn an item, and it has proven not worthy of continued possession, I am allowed to trade out that item for recently purchased item. Seems fair, right? (See, it works because the new item has also not seen any wear, so it can still be considered an unworn item. Ha! I’m so sneaky. But really it’s my challenge and I’ll trade out clothes if I want to..)

I like this new rule. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Short of it

"Work horse" blue top, meet white shorts. You two should get along nicely....
Shorts (item #7), Scarf/Thrifted :: Top/Old Navy :: Belt/F21 :: Sandals/ Kohls

This outfit was pretty easy to put together. I wear this top a lot, though I have only managed to document a few outfits with it. That said, it was pretty easy to check off these short from the list with this top. I have no real objections to these shorts. I just don’t really like shorts. I’m not really sure what possessed me to buy white shorts (they actually sparkle. Weird) but here I am, the proud(?) owner of them.
On this day, it was venturing into the quite warm degrees and seemed an appropriate day to give them a go. I have to say, they were not too bad, as shorts go. They are actually lined, which is kindof nice, and necessary as they are practically see-through.
But seriously, let’s talk about this top. I love this top. I pretty much dread the summer months (I sweat. A lot. An embarrassing amount, in fact) so my summer shirts have to be able to withstand my constant body temp changes. This shirt is really good at that. It also billows nicely, which means I can wear it belted or undone and it still looks good. I rarely wear it unbelted seeing how I have Stacey and Clinton constantly in my head screaming “WAIST DEFINITION!”
I bought this scarf because, as my last few (ok most) posts will attest to, I love scarfs and anything navy. Plus…POLKA DOTS! To be honest, I actually haven’t worn it much. It a big scarf and so I’ve had to find creative ways to tie it up. This was my most successful attempt.  I think my next challenge should be an accessory challenge. I think my scarfs, jewelry and shoes would like that. 
And The Challenge  continues...

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Structured Surprise

Jacket: item #6 /Thrifted:: White top/Ross’s:: Shoes,Tank Top/Target :: Jeans, Scarf / Thrifted

This jacket has been with me for quite some time. You would never know it since I never wear it. It is a tricky piece. All the characteristics that should work in this jacket’s favor (lightweight material, barely there blue pinstripes, fits me perfectly) became the exact roadblocks I had to wearing it. I couldn’t wear it when I needed a substantial extra layer but it also didn’t feel like a necessary piece in the warmer months. The “color” also posed some problems. And lastly, if I wanted to wear this jacket, I had to wear it buttoned up (the way it’s supposed to be worn, mind you) otherwise it draped funny.
Upon forced wear of this garment, I have surprised myself with how much I love it. Take this outfit, for instance. The weather on this particular day was all over the place so having this light, extra layer allowed me to feel perfectly comfortable all day. I also found that I loved wearing it buttoned up. It help take this pretty casual outfit to another level. Score for this jacket.

The white top I am wearing underneath the jacket was on of the only non-returned items for the other day. I actually do not own many ¾ length shirts and none in basic white so it made the cut. Plus, J liked it. A lot.
 One more note about this outfit. I bought these little brogue shoes at Target last year because they were so cute and knew hundreds of outfits I could wear them with. The problem? They were so uncomfortable. As in “I can’t wear these for more that ten minutes” uncomfortable. What saved these shoes from being doomed to scant wear: in-sole supports. And now? It’s like walking on air. Thank you, Dr. Scholls.
Curious what is up next in The Challenge

The skirt that should

Skirt (item # 8 from challenge):: T-shirt/Old Navy:: Cardigan, belt, flats/Target :: Scarf/Anthropologie
Ah this skirt. This skirt was one of those purchases that I was so excited about because, in theory (and based on last years obsession with midi skirt) it should have been a easy piece to welcome into a regular rotation. I have pinned probably the most pins around midi skirts thinking that the all powerful pinspiration would encourage me to bust this skirt out. 
Alas, that was not the case. For starters, the skirt was originally two inches longer which meant it was a somewhat awkward length. Second, even with copious inspiration, I still couldn't figure out how to wear it and the right time to wear it. It seemed a little to strange for grad classes along with student teaching observation and I wasn't going to wear it just around the house. Sadly, it hung in my closet with many attempts at wear but no successes. 
Thanks to this challenge I finally wore it yesterday. I have to say that while the skirt was very comfortable, I still felt odd wearing it. Maybe with a few more wears I will feel that it is a keeper. For now, I'm a little on the fence about it. 

Any items in your closet that you are on the fence about?

Monday, May 14, 2012

A Monday Mid-May Challenge

After a slightly disastrous shopping trip (ie: buying several items except the items I really needed) and a need to boost my blogging and closet morale, I have decided to partake in a little sartorial challenge, created by yours, truly. It should not be difficult, but seems necessary in order to ensure my clothes - ALL my clothes - are getting some wear. 

This past week (after returning most of the items) I did a clothing inventory. I discovered that, while I am pretty good at giving every item in my wardrobe a chance to shine, there were a few items that were not getting much love. Some items suffered from being purchased in the wrong season, others were simply passed up for items I know work well. So I grabbed these items, snap pictures of them and have now challenged myself to wear all of these items for the rest of the month. 

Here are the items:

 1: Brown Sleeveless Dress (Target)  2: Teal Short-sleeve Dress (Target)
 3. White Billowy Top (Target)  4: Tunic/Dress (Thrifted-org. Charlotte Russe)
 5. Button-up Shirt (Old Navy)    6. Striped Blazer (Thrifted)
7. White Shorts (Thrifted)    8. Blue midi skirt (Thrifted)   9. Floral midi skirt (old navy)

Here my (very) simple rules:

1. For the rest of May, I must wear one of these items everyday.
2. I can mix these items with each other.
3. I can mix them with other items in my closet. 

Seems silly to even call this a challenge after some of the other clothing challenges I've done. But I think this will be a nice way to make sure all my items get loved equally...

Stay tuned!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Nothing Special

This outfit was from over a month ago. I have been bad about taking pictures. I really don't have any excuse. 

Top/ Old Navy:: Jeans/ (Gap) Thrifted:: Shoes/ DSW:: Necklace/F21

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