Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Favorite

Dress, sandals/Kohls:: Necklace, belt/Target:: Earrings/Gift from Mom-in-law

This is hands down my favorite dress. I wear it all year long and have featured it several times on my blog. As the weather escalates to more and more uncomfortable degrees, this dress helps me keep my cool.

I have had this belt for a long time but have rarely worn it. Something about its massive size and semi-tribalness has made me shy away from it in the past. Not today. I figured that combined with the print of this dress, it may actually look tame. I couldn't have been happier with it.

In other news, I had the disturbing discovery that my charger for my MacBook officially bit the dust. Sad. Then I discovered how much it was to replace it. Anger. But then I found a floppy hat for our upcoming beach weekend with friends. Joy. That's a lot of emotions in one day.

My blog's catalogue of this dress:


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