Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pedi's in the Rain

Dress, Belt/Thrifted:: Wedge Sandals/Target:: Necklace/Swapped
Wore this dress to meet up with a friend to get much needed pedicures. When I say needed, I don't mean needed in the sense that I get them weekly. I just mean with the beginning of summer and the more regular wearing of sandals, I like to get one pedicure and just hope it last for the remainder of the season. It never does, but I always hope it will. I even get the pedicure in a color I have at home, for easy touch ups. 
The minute the pedi's were done, the torrential downpour began. It was a soppy walk with J from the metro to the car. Good thing I took photos before I went out!
 The one drawback with the pedicure is the way it softens my feet. All that exfoliating leaves my feet silky smooth - and perfect targets for blisters. On Saturday night, J and I went to the Roundhouse Theatre to see Double Indemnity. The play was wonderful, the evening was perfect - except for the rather large blisters I acquired on my pinky toes from my heeled loafers. Should have stuck with sandals...

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