Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Challenge Wrap-up

Well May is over and I was (mostly) successful in wearing all the items from The Challenge. The only thing I did not wear was item #5. When I started the challenge, I did not realize it would become blazing hot on the East Coast. Once the blaze of summer began, the thought of putting on the long sleeve shirt was out of the question. At least with the jacket, I could take it off!

So, not bad if you ask me. And the verdict on the items? Lets see them in review, shall we?

(Loved these dresses! Will wear them often this summer and fall)

 (Shirt on the left did not make the cut)

 (I didn't wear the shirt on the left but I did wear the jacket twice!)

(Still on the fence about the the blue skirt but the other two are definite keepers!)


 I had a lot of fun doing this (self-imposed) challenge. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the shear amount of clothes I own that it was nice the narrow down the morning (or sometimes afternoon) search for an outfit. I am really thinking about doing another one of these dealing with accessories!

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